Film Production

Film Production


Movie Title - WHAT’s LEFT?


A well-to-do career lady, Sharon Odili, is suddenly diagnosed with an incurable medical condition that she must live with for the rest of her life and which will prevent her from ever giving birth. The fellow she is engaged to (Ed) sat her down to let her know how impossible and impracticable it would be for them to continue, he arranged a dinner to mark the end of their union.

Sharon had a strange spiritual encounter/dream with the word of GOD which made her to see that whatever she sowed is what she will reap (she was seeing a reflection of herself talking to her). She was also confronted with the fact that she rarely did anything for anyone, she had lived all her life for herself. Sharon took up the challenge and chose to look for someone who is terminally ill to help. The issue of her cousin, Mike, who she is not too close to (because of an age-long dispute between their parents who are brothers) came up.

She decided to move to him to go and take care of him, she moved to little city that was very small compared to where she was. Her boss called her up to open her eyes to the fact that she was about to reach a crucial point in her career, and that he was shocked that she could come up with such a decision to leave knowing there is no branch of the company there.

Mike was so grateful that she came, and he was able to hope again and write articles and other literary pieces as he finds purpose. She gets one or two menial jobs and she is so stressed and tired as she continues taking care of and encouraging Mike, ignoring her own ills. Her anchor scripture is John 12:24 that “except the corn of wheat falls down and dies, it abides alone”. She got Mike saved and they started going to a nearby local church.

In the local church there, a guy, Brad was interested in her, she was not ready for any relationship and discourages Brad.

All of a sudden, she started seeing some signs in her hormones as if she has been healed. There was no facility around to do the tests to confirm. She called the main city doctor who said it cannot be. She decided to fly down to check. On arrival back to the small city, she sees an emergency vehicle carrying Mike out, he dies eventually. At the Burial/service of songs, she received a shocking call from the doctor, he claims she seems to have been healed.

The age-long trouble between their fathers in Africa is seen to be resolved, we also see a flashback of what caused it and how deadly the issue was. They hugged and resolved for the sake of their children.

Sharon is convinced and says YES to Brad. She then moves back to the city. She reapplies to work and is rehired, with her boss happy to see her back. We see Sharon and Brad in the city now living a fast-moving city-life.